As one of the leading firms in this sector and although it is registered birth date seems 1993, the firm’s history dates back to 1914. in that year the family had been in trading business, maintained trading and conveyed their experience to the 4th generation.

For more than a century, Armada Foods is engaged in the business of producing, processing, importing, exporting and transit activities of agricultural products such as pulses, grains, feed and oilseeds and since 2015, Company decides to pass its experiences to grow and process organically grown commodities with dedicated farmers in different regions with a reduced impact on the environment.

As of 2019, Armada Foods became the market leader in Organic Pulses export. All our organic certified products are grown in our own projects in 4 different countries and processed in our own mills. Fully integration from field to end product enable us to provide full traceability to our customers. All analyzes carried out at accredited laboratories to ensure the conformity. We are also able to offer Gluten Free organic lentils, chickpeas and beans depending on customer demand.
Our production mill is supported with C02 room in order to avoid the infestation in our products. All organic products are treated with CO2 to ensure to ship the goods with free of infestation. Additionally, Goods are stored in cold storage area under 14-17 Celsius until the date of loading operation.