Holding the feature of being Turkey’s most modern pulses and grain facility , the plant is seated on a 40,000 m2 area and has 26,000 m2 horizontal storage area and 5 vertical silos with 33,000 tons storage capacity.

In addition to these storage areas, there is a plant where 600 tons/day lentils are split and cleaned, 340 tons/day Bulgur factory and 2 lines where 600 tons/day of pulses is sieved and packed.

At its plants equipped with the state-of-the art technology, our company adopts the principle of keeping quality and food assurance safety at the top and crowns this understanding with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Kosher, Halal, IFS, FDA, EU Organic, NOP Organic, Ohsas and Sedex Certificates.

Lentils Factory;
Supported by Buhler technology with 600 tons daily output, all machinery and equipment at our plant are full automatic operating with computer technology.

Bulgur Factory;
Various types of traditional Bulgur are produced with a capacity of 340 ton/day in our Bulgur plant which is modern, entirely environmentalist and has the latest technology.

Pulse sieving Plant;
Shining out as Turkey’s most modern plant with the largest capacity, 600 tons/day pulses is sieved and cleaned at our facilities per day.

Packaging facility;
Within the scope of quality and food safety, our facility has the capacity of packaging pulses 400.000 unit per day with our technologically developed machinery.

Vertical Silos;
With the 38.995 m3 storage capacity our plant has the largest capacity of the area and the most functional vertical silos providing services at the status of customs bonded warehouse.