If someone asks us to describe Armada Foods in few words, the answer will be “the European manufacturer offering food products carefully and thoughtfully processed on the way from field to table due to experience and innovation”.

We have experience and the ability to meet the highest industry standards of European and USA markets, with our own consumer brands and Private Label products of leading multinational companies.
For such production we need you to do just 4 simple steps: choose the product and the package, design the label and make the order.

Let's get started!

We are happy to help you develop the product label according to your requirements.
The design of your label will be agreed with our company, your company and the company that prepared the packaging material.
Once the specific recipe and design of the product is approved, we can proceed to the next step, directly to production.
The production time of goods under your trademark is about 2-3 months.
After completing the previous 3 steps, you can enjoy a high quality product with the flavor you want and the label you find. Our great experience in this field and your willingness help us create a truly unique product your company needs.
If you are interested in our offer or have any questions, please fill out the form below so we can contact you.